Right to the City Montreal Publications and Research

Aboriginal Justice Research Project Final Report and Executive Summary

  • A study conducted by the Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy Network which, through interviews and research, demonstrates disproportionate criminalisation and an inappropriate justice system for Aboriginal populations in Montreal and the rest of Canada.
  • Right to the City contributed a small piece, “Homelessness, Rights and Public Space in Montreal” which addresses more generally the criminalisation of homelessness.

Colonizing the Inner City

  • Pamphlet: A Right to the City Montreal pamplet which describes gentrification, colonialism and their links in today’s cities.
  • Full Text Document: Unappended full-length version of pamphlet.  Last revised August 2012. 

French-to-English Translation: FRAPRU – The Housing Crisis, 2002. 

  • An analysis of the Quebec housing crisis, it’s root problems, and proposed solutions.

Memoire presented by Right to the City Montreal to the Office de Consultation Public de Montreal (OCPM)

  • The written form of a presentation made to the OCPM in 2011 by RTTC Montreal – then a group of Concordia students wishing to present an alternative narrative to that being presented by the Concordia administration of it’s role in the redevelopment of Shaughnessy Village, and it’s effects..  From this group, the Right to the City Montreal initiative was born.

Gentrification in Downtown West Montreal, in QPIRG Concordia’s Working Groups Journal – At the Heart of Resistance, 2012, p. 26-27

  • Critical overview of the “Quartier des Grands Jardins” revitalization project – its contributions to radically increased housing instability and criminalization of homeless people, sex workers, and racialized minorities, and the role Concordia University is playing in the project.


Reference Documents:

City of Montreal:
Special Planning Program: Quartier des Grands Jardins (in French and English)

  • The planning documents submitted by the City of Montreal to the OCPM (Office de consultation publique de Montreal) in regards to the spring, 2011 public consultations about the revitalisation of Shaughnessy Village, or as it has been rebranded, le Quartier des Grands Jardins, which stretches between Atwater and Guy, and Sherbrooke to the Ville Marie expressway.

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